Police Say Teacher Hired Hitman To Kill 10-Year-Old He Allegedly Molested

By Bill Galluccio

April 22, 2019

A 36-year-old teacher from Missouri is facing new charges after police say he hired a hitman to kill a ten-year-old boy he was accused of molesting in 2015. The young boy reported that Deonte Taylor, who is HIV positive, took him into a classroom and is accused of assaulting him in 2015 when he was just seven years old. Taylor, who was a teacher's assistant at the time, managed to avoid charges because the detective investigating the case left the department.

Taylor was then able to get his teaching certificate and was hired by another school district despite the open case. In November, Taylor was busted for the 2015 rape after investigators matched his DNA to samples found on the young boy. He was charged with three counts of first-degree statutory sodomy and taken to prison. In February, he met with a fellow inmate and asked the inmate to kill the boy and his mother. Taylor then convinced his boyfriend, 66-year-old Michael Johnson to pay for the hit.

The inmate who Taylor tried to hire to commit the double homicide contacted law enforcement officials and told them of Taylor's plot.

Taylor and Johnson were both charged with two counts of conspiracy to commit murder and two counts of attempting to tamper with a victim in a felony prosecution.

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