Is Blink-182 Planning More 'Enema Of The State' Anniversary Shows?

By Katrina Nattress

April 29, 2019

Blink 182 Performs On ABC's "Good Morning America"

Last month, blink-182 revealed that they would be celebrating Enema of the State's 20th anniversary by playing it in full during their set at the Back to the Beach festival, and on Sunday (April 27), they delivered. The trio played its third album from front to back, with songs like "Aliens Exist" and "Anthem" making the set list for the first time in nearly two decades.

When Mark Hoppus shared photos from the event on Instagram, it sent fans into a frenzy. One particularly observant fan had a legitimate question for the bassist though: Why didn't he play his old bass for the commemorative show? Mark explained in the comments that “its pickups and gain structure are way different than the others I use," to which the fan replied that since it's an anniversary show, “everybody wants to see the old one.”

That's when Mark dropped the bomb: “@robertnoise and I discussed it and if we do more of these anniversary shows it’ll be there,” he wrote. We know the word "if" is in that sentence, but does this mean blink-182 is thinking about doing more of these? We can only hope. Check out the Instagram post, comments, and blink's Back to the Beach set list below.

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