Bun B Speaks Out For The First Time About His Home Invasion

By Lauren Crawford

May 1, 2019

Bun B and his wife Queenie are still recovering after a masked gunman invaded their home on April 23.

The 46-year-old rapper, best known as one half of the rap duo UGK (UnderGround Kingz), and his wife of 15 years broke their silence on "The Breakfast Club" Tuesday (April 30), discussing their home invasion that turned into a shoot-out inside the garage of their Houston home.

"At the moment it was unreal because we had just made it home within 20 minutes," Queenie tearfully explained of the incident, adding she first saw the suspect in her driveway but thought he was her neighbor. Only minutes after her sighting, Queenie heard her doorbell and went to answer the door. Thinking it was a package, she simply looked through the window to see if anyone was there. However, unbeknownst to her, her view was obstructed, so when she went to open the door, the intruder was waiting with a gun.

Queenie then explained that the masked assailant busted through the door and began terrorizing her, demanding valuables. The intruder held the gun to her head, and for several minutes threatened to take her life if she disobeyed him. When the gunman began eyeballing a nearby bedroom, Queenie said she offered up her Audi, in fear that he wanted to rape her. That's when the masked man heard footsteps, causing him to ask who else was in the house. When Queenie explained that it was her husband, the man told her to tell him not to come downstairs. Queenie then screamed Bun's name, which seemed to shock the assailant, and as Bun and Queenie later said they believed he recognized the name and think that's what deterred him from harming her any further.

The masked man then accepted Queenie's offer of taking her car and headed to the garage.

"Unfortunately I wasn't the one that had to confront him in the moment, she was," Bun added. "I'm so proud of her not only for how she handled herself, but... her only thought was to protect me, because in the moment, her assumption is this person is coming to get me. She [didn't] know it was a random act at the time, so she thinks this person is coming to kill me. So she's like I need to hold this person here until Bun can get to the gun. And even if he kills me, I know Bun can kill him."

"She's the hero because if she didn't stall him out I [wouldn't have] gotten to the pistol," he continued.

By the time Bun heard the commotion, the gunman had been in the house for a few minutes. However, once it became clear what was happening, he immediately went to grab his gun. "I hop off the toilet, and ran and got the pistol," he said, noting that he didn't have pants on. However, by the time Bun made his way downstairs the intruder was in Queenie's car, which was still in the garage. "She said 'Bun don't go out there' [but] that's not even a thought. I'm going out there" he said.

While the Houston rapper admitted he didn't know what was on the other side of his garage door, he said he knew he had to defend his family. "I look in the car and I see his head and his body turns back towards me and that's when I just let that thing go," Bun recalled, adding that a shoot-out ensued. "I shot like five times [...] and I hit it again and let the rest of the clip go and he falls out of the car, throws his gun down, and starts pleading for his life."

However, before the police arrived, the burglar got up and ran away, which led Bun to pursue him. "Bun gets dressed, gets his gun goes and finds him just to ask him to unmask so he could see who he is," Bun's lawyer and friend, who accompanied him and Queenie on the show, interjected.

"I just need[ed] to know who this dude was," Bun continued. "I told him 'if you take this mask off and I know you, I'm killing you.' [...] I wanted him to get that mask off. At that time I didn't know he was shot." The man ended up showing his face, and Bun realized he didn't know him and once again the man got away.

"After the officers came over and looked what I did to the car they were like 'Nah, this dude is shot, he's hit. He's going to turn up,' " Bun recalled. And he did. Several hours later, the masked man, later identified as Demonte Jackson, showed up at a Houston-area hospital with a gunshot wound to his shoulder.

"For me, the thing that drives me crazy, my whole life has been built around addressing the threat," Bun said. "I believe in positive energy and good vibes, karma and all of that but again, this was random. This was not something that was coming directly for me, so you still have to be prepared for whatever may happen."

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