J. Lo Gets Candid During An Adorable 'Twin Talk' Interview With Her Kids

By Lauren Crawford

April 30, 2019

Jennifer Lopez may be an actress, singer, dancer, entertainer and global superstar, but at home, she's just mom.

In a new video for her YouTube Channel, the mom-of-two sat down with her 11-year-old daughter and son, Emme Maribel and Maximilian "Max," whom she shares with ex-husband Marc Anthony, for an interview like none other as they fired off "interesting" questions about Jen's childhood, her life as a mom, and more.

"I've been interviewed maybe ten thousand-hundred-million-bajillion times in my life, and I mostly get asked the same questions. So I decided that it would be fun if I let Emme and Max," Jen said before explaining that she wanted to switch things up by having a Q&A session, titled "Twin Talk," facilitated by her kids.

First to ask a question was Max, who came out the gate with a question both he and his sister have been dying to know. "What was the most trouble you got in when you were my age?" he asked.

"I used to get in trouble all the time," the 49-year-old singer admitted, saying she was a lot like him since she was "more of a tomboy," adding she used to "sneak out of the house," that is until her mom caught her one time.

Emme was next to fire off a question, and hers was one that had been heavy on her heart.

"Am I your favorite?" she said with a smirk.

"What!?" Jennifer exclaimed before letting out a huge laugh.

"I told her not to ask that!" Max said.

"I don’t have a favorite, I don’t believe in favorites," Jen insisted. "I could never think of one of you more than the other. I don’t understand that, I just don’t. I love you both so much."

Miss Lopez then got candid about her life as a parent after Max asked if being a mom is different than she expected. "You cannot imagine what it’s like to be a mom until you are a mom," she said. "I used to give my friends who have kids advice all the time, and they would look at me like I had three heads. And then, when I had you two, the minute I had you two, I literally apologized to all my friends."

Next up on the twins' list was first loves. Max asked his mom if she remembered her first real crush. "I was in third grade, and I had a crush on a boy… he was very cute, and he had a big nose," she said laughing. "He used to ride his bike down my street, and I was just in love with him."

"That doesn't mean that you guys should, you know, have crushes," Jennifer quickly added. "We're good without crushes for a while."

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