If Someone In "Sierra Leone" Calls You, DON'T ANSWER!

By Wingnut

May 9, 2019

Robocalls are getting a lot of attention lately, and many cell phone providers are starting their own technology that warns us cell phone users of potential telemarketers right on our screen. The first time I saw the "AT&T Warning: Possible Telemarketer" I literally went "Whoa! Way to go AT&T!"...but where there's one block set up someone has already created a new scam. And this one comes from across the Atlantic Ocean.

According to the FCC, the scammers call and let it ring once which then makes you want to call the number back...and that's how they get you!

So beware! If you see the country "Sierra Leone" on your screen...don't answer, don't call back, just ignore it.

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