20 Sports To Get You Fit This Summer

By Rose Wythe

May 11, 2019

Summer is here and we know you're going to want to spend as much time in the sun as possible! Whether you're the adventurous type who's into rock climbing and wind surfing, a huge Harry Potter fan who wants to explore the game of Quidditch, or someone who wants to stick to the more traditional methods of exercise like running and swimming -- check out this list, grab some sunscreen, and head outdoors!

1. Tennis

Overhead view of young male tennis player playing tennis, serving the ball on sunny blue tennis court

Chances are, there's an outdoor tennis court in a park near you.

2. Swimming

Young man swimming laps in a pool

Laps on laps on laps.

3. Soccer

Four young adults playing football in a park at sunset

Grab some friends and kick the ball around. Shoes optional.

4. Baseball

Softball game

Batter up.

5. Softball

Female softball player catching the ball

It's basically baseball, with a bigger ball and fewer innings.

6. Frisbee

Happy woman catching plastic disc while standing in park against clear sky

This can get pretty intense. Ever heard of Ultimate Frisbee?

7. Roller Blading

Woman rollerblading in urban park

Fun fact: inline skates were first manufactured in 1966.

8. Biking

Female mountain bikers riding on forest road on summer evening

Make sure you have enough air in your tires before you head out.

9. Surfing

Low angle view of man surfing on sea

Totally tubular, dude.

10. Rock Climbing

Austria, Innsbruck, Hoettingen quarry, woman climbing in rock wall

A lot of indoor rock climbing spots have popped up if you're not ready to take the next step and scale a mountain.

11. Kayaking

These are our type of dates

Don't forget your life jacket -- just in case!

12. Archery

Rear view of teenage girl practicing archery with target

How's your aim?

13. Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball at sunset!

The first Olympic Beach Volleyball competition took place in Atlanta in 1996.

14. Windsurfing

Man jumping wave on windsurf board, low angle view

Improve your cardiovascular performanceandyour endurance while windsurfing.

15. Golf

Low Section Of Man Standing On Golf Course

This requires a lot of patience and concentration. The driving range is always there for you if you just want to practice.

16. Running

Young man jogging on promenade in city

Fun fact: it takes 200 muscles to take a step while running.

17. Diving

Young Women is Swimming in the Pool

Perfect your form.

18. Water Polo

Water Polo Scoring Action

Water Polo was once referred to as Water Rugby.

19. Basketball

Laughing man playing basketball on outdoor court

You can burn upwards of 600 calories during one hour of basketball.

20. Quidditch

British Playing Quidditch In The Jesus Green Park Of Cambridge

For the Harry Potter fans.

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