Beach Goers Left 10 Tons Of Trash On This Beach!

By Wingnut

May 29, 2019

20,000 pounds of trash...that's what 10 tons is. And now the city of Virginia Beach is having an emergency meeting as to not only what to do with the trash but also how to handle this event in the future.

"Floatopia" has been an unofficial kick off to summer in Virginia Beach and now with this amount of trash just left by beach goers, it seems like maybe something needs to be done to not let this kind of irresponsibility happen again!?!

This isn't the first time a "Floatopia" has made bad fact, back in 2016 the same name but different city made national headlines after party goers just left their trash all over a Miami Beach. However, their cleanup was tiny compared to what happened this past weekend.


Memorial Day weekend = leaving 10 tons of trash on Chic's Beach... Here's looking at you, Floatopia!

Posted by Waste-Ed on Tuesday, May 28, 2019

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