New Viral Trend Sees Parents Getting Their Kids To Slam Heads Into Doors

By Dave Basner

May 29, 2019

It seems that the stupider the viral trend, the more popular it is. Somehow humanity has survived things like the Bird Box Challenge and the Tide Pod Challenge, and we've moved again after the Mannequin Challenge, but now there is yet another trend making its way across the Twittersphere. This one is called the Get That Money Challenge and it sees people, usually parents, holding a credit card flat against a door. They drop the card and have a child catch it without using their hands and only using their head. If they're able to do it, they can buy whatever they want with the plastic, but if not, well, they wind up with a bruised forehead and a bruised ego.

A ton of people are uploading videos of kids trying it out, and none of the children are successful:

The reaction to the trend is mixed, with many people finding it to be hysterical and saying this is the reason they want to have kids, while others are more concerned over it, writing things like "Umm, WE ARE DOING THIS TO OUR CHILDREN" and referring to the challenge as "so messed up."

If you want to see more of the videos, just search Twitter for "Get That Money Challenge."

Photo: Getty Images

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