Upgrades at Fest

By Dan Michaels

June 5, 2019

Took our annual 'first visit' to the Rock Fest grounds today and HOLY CRAP! The first thing you see when you walk in is the all new, Lure Lock Top Tier Lounge. It offers an amazing view of the stage, the grounds, backstage, and more. There's space galore and you'll be seen to by private servers while you relax on a couch built for six. You definitely need to check it out and if you're a business owner, it's definitely a way to show your top customers some love :)

Lure Lock Top Tier Lounge
The lounge from
The view from up top

Sounds like plans are underway to add ANOTHER lounge space like this on the opposite side of the grounds. Tickets for this one are LIMITED so if you don't get in on it this year, there's always tomorrow.

Another huge improvement is the top of the hill stage. Remember when it was just the little concrete triangle in the corner? Yeah... Those days are GONE. There's an all-new stage that can handle EVEN BIGGER shows, with room for more people under the roof too.

Top of the hill beer garden

As of today, there's still plenty of General Admission tickets to be had and a few of the Lure Lock Top Tier Lounge packages so get over to the Rock Fest website and join us!

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