Make This Pizza At Home

By Wingnut

June 18, 2019

Sure you can order pizza. You can easily go and by a frozen pizza. But in reality...making a pizza is really the way you should be living your life. Inside my stomach, lives a tiny Italian grandma and I don't think she ca co-sign on the video I'm about to show you. But sometimes, you gotta just tell grandma that we need to try new things.

If you don't think I'm not trying this any time soon then you clearly don't know how much I love pizza. Or how much I love cooking at home. And now that I have a cast iron skillet this is so on!

Speaking of 'Pizza News" this video I saw earlier this week on Facebook has be wondering how we're not all living our best 'Pizza Life' here in Brevard! A hamburger...but with pizza as the bun. I want!

ForkYeah: Pizzurger

The pizza and burger mash-up you didn't know you needed:

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