Former Judge Dragged From Courtroom After Being Ordered To Serve Jail Time

By Bill Galluccio

July 22, 2019

An Ohio courtroom erupted in chaos after a former judge was ordered to serve six months in jail. Former juvenile judge Tracie Hunter was convicted of illegally helping her brother keep his government job by mishandling a confidential document in 2014. She was sentenced to six months in jail but appealed the decision claiming she was not given a fair trial.

Hunter remained free while she appealed the jury's decision, but on Monday (Jul 22) she was in front of Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Patrick Dinkelacker to learn her fate. During the hearing, State attorney Scott Croswell pointed out that Hunter never showed any remorse for her actions.

"I came here today with the intention of saying nothing. But based on the arguments made today... she has no remorse and continues to lash out," Croswell said. "What she wants to do is control the facts and write the law. And that's the very attitude and conduct that brought her here today."

Hunter was given a chance to address the court before the decision was handed down, but she declined. Later in the hearing, she stepped up the podium while Dinkelacker was reviewing her case history and asked for a chance to speak. He denied her request and then ordered her to serve six months in jail.

As Dinkelacker finished reading his decision, Hunter's supporters in the courtroom began to yell out. They believe that the charges against her were "cooked up" and that officials used them as a way "to remove her from the bench."

Court officers started to remove Hunter from the courtroom, but she refused to cooperate and had to be dragged out of the courtroom while the protesters continued to shout at the officers.

Outside the courthouse, more of Hunter's supporters gathered chanting: "No justice, no peace."

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