Ashley McBryde Opens Up About Struggle With Anxiety After Brother's Death

By Blake Taylor

September 7, 2019

Ashley McBryde Opens Up About Struggle With Anxiety After Brother's Death

One of country music's most talented singer-songwriters, Ashley McBryde recently opened up with People about her struggle with anxiety following the death of her brother Clay.

In June of 2018, McBryde's debut single, "A Little Dive Bar In Dahlonega" started catching some attention. Around the same time, the country singer received tragic news that her brother had died at the age of 53.

"You keep your feet moving or you will completely fall apart," she shared with People. "As women, we don't allow ourselves the falling apart time nearly enough. Luckily my body and my psyche has decided to choose those moments for me now."

McBryde then goes on to talk about the extreme anxiety she had gone through. "I developed anxiety really, really, really bad right after Clay died. I mean, there were bad panic attacks. They are under control now, but I didn't understand what was going on," she explains.

She started to realize she needed to find a healthy way to cope with this especially as her career was starting to really take off. McBryde would have to remind herself before every show why she's going out there in the first place.

She'd tell herself, "Yeah, this is what it is You are build for this life. I have to do this or I might die, but also someone in that audience needs you."

Ultimately, McBryde finds her strength in remembering her fans and the fact that they might be going through hard times too. "If someone if having a sh*tty day and they need to be free for an hour, where their bills aren't late and their husband isn't mad at them and the dog isn't long as I am there on stage, everything is OK for them. Nobody cares if I'm hungover or if I'm sad or if I'm tired or if I got sh*tty news this morning. They care how they feel. And in the end, that's all I care about."

Recently, McBryde dropped a new single, "One Night Standards" off her forthcoming sophomore album. The new album follows up her Grammy-nominated debut album, Girl Going Nowhere.

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