Dozens Of People Show Up To Area 51 Looking For Aliens

By Bill Galluccio

September 20, 2019


Around a hundred people made the trek out to the Nevada desert and gathered around the front gate of Area 51, a top-secret military base that many conspiracy theorists believe is hiding aliens and their advanced technology. Around two million people RSVP'd to a Facebook event "Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us." The event was created as a joke but quickly went viral as more and more people said they were attending. While people shared hilarious memes about storming the military base, the U.S. Air Force took the event seriously and warned people to stay away from the site.

As the event grew in popularity, officials were concerned about the dangers of a large number of people descending on Rachel, Nevada a small town of just 54 people that sits a few miles from Area 51. The man who created the event tried to cancel the event and told everybody to stay away, but by that point it had a life of its own. He attempted to work with local officials to host a music festival at the site, but decided to call it off and instead hosted a party in downtown Las Vegas.

That didn't stop a few hundred people from showing up to Area 51, wearing alien costumes and tinfoil hats. One woman tried to storm the base and ducked underneath the gate. She was briefly detained by authorities. Everybody seemed to be having a good time, with many of the attendees joking with the security guards and officials who were there to keep them out of the military base.

"They're just here to see what's going on," said Sergeant Orlando Guerra of the Nevada Department of Public Safety Investigation Division. "They're here to have fun."

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