Chris Lane Shares Favorite On Stage Moment

By Lauryn Snapp

September 30, 2019

Chris Lane is celebrating a #1 this week!

"I Don't Know About You," but we love Chris Lanes' current smash single. The sultry single has risen to the top of the country charts staking a claim as Chris's second career #1 hit.

Click below to see the official music video for "I Don't Know About You," and catch Chris falling hard for a mystery woman. Watch the whole way through to see the surprise that awaits him at the end.

As Chris's radio single has been blazing up the charts, he has been enjoying the road life alongside Brad Paisley and says that a fun moment for him on stage is when he reveals his "Ultimate 90's, Country Medley." In a recent interview with Cody Alan, Chris shared "I have this "Ultimate 90s Country Medley" that I have created. So, at the end of my set, I'll play the medley second to the last song. It's usually a fun way to get the crowd into it."

Chris, the crowd is into it. Keep it up!

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.

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