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October 11, 2019

MGK Lace up His first studio album. You guys should give him a chance! watch his. Save Me music video. Thats the reason I got a mgk tattoo! Very Inspiring!

eclectic purchase: oak ridge boys greatest hits and debarge. Oh yeah!

my first cd was Jay-z Life and times of S.Carter and JLo On the 6. Still love bumping to these!

my first tape was Prince Purple Rain

Christina Aguilara dirrty and Britney Spears Britney albums. Only because my parents wouldn't let me have the Eminem show album

twisted sister, stay hungry was my first cassette tape that ibought. Great album=

Bought 2 CDs when I got my first CD player for Christmas. Bryan Adam's, waking up the Neighbors and Nelson After the Rain.

1976 I bought a little 45 of SATURDAY NIGHT by Bay City Rollers for $1. I was a 'tween at the time and so excited!!!

Cher's Believe album. I was about 8 years old and did a month worth of chores. I bought it at Media Play (RIP) and thought I was the coolest kid.

my 1st one was the 2 Live Crew-As Clean As They Wanna Be. The one with the girls on the front in bikinis. Yep... I'm a female... happily married to my hubby

Korn Life is Peachy

I bought the Dangerous Minds soundtrack I was only about 12 and it had the explicit lyrics symbol, I had to take a sharpie to it so my mom did "see"it. Needless to say you could still see that symbol..

first album New Kids on the Block hangin tough lol. I was so proud to own it and blasted it on my little teal boom box. I thought I was so cool.

I remember buying the Avril Lavigne Under My Skin album. That was the only one I had and I would listen to it in repeat. My parents bought me the CDplayer. Still have it to this day.

I bought The Bee Gees album when I was 12 , was obsessed with them

Milli Vanilli

first cd i bought with birthday money was billy ray cyrus!! I was in first grade!

My first album I bought was Britney Spears: Baby one more timewhen I was 9 years old. A lot of my money went towards pop princesses and boy bands at that age =

Blue from leann rhymes. Bought from blue mountain cd sales.. The catalog

christina Aguilera stripped album. Birthday money was used. I waited months.

i get it wayne. I won a gost hunting trip at asylum 49 with the ogden paranormal team. It is pretty creepy when its not open for the haunted house and the things that happened was super creepy!

I was 11 year's old at the airport emigrating to America. The first album was Shaggy. It wasn't me. Haha. My parents did not know...obviously!

Britney Spears Oops I Did It Again

Oingo Boingo Dead Mans Party on vinyl was the first album I ever bought I was 12 I still have it

1st Album I bought, Janet Jackson Control!!!!!

blank cassettes so I could dub songs off the radio

I also bought Eminem's the best of CD as well.

My first CD that I bought with my own money was a cranberry's CD; "(The best of the cranberries)".

" MY LIFE " CD Mary J. Blige 1994 and I didn't even own a CD player . Jennifa from Jersey

Counting Crows "Recovering the satellites" and Bush "Sixteen stone". They''re legit still 2 of my favorite albums ever. And my crush on Gavin Rossdale will never die.

The first cd I bought with my own money was Aaron's Party (Come and Get It)

i bought on cassette Eazy-E 187um. I was under age so i tricked my mom into buying it for nd

1st cd- Aaliyah- Age Ain't Nothin But a Number. If we only knew then what we knew now abt r. kelley...smh i always remember the rumors they were married

i boughs the bare naked ladies cd Stunt. My family thought it was porn

1981 Reo Speedwagon Hi-fidelity

first album was VAN HALEN 2, I was 9. ><><=

First cassette tape. Garth Brooks- Ropin the wind. 13 years old. 1991.

prince 1999

shaggy - it wasn't me. I was young and I'm now judging my parents for letting me buy it ha

birthday money and I bought Paula Abdul's forever your girl 30 years ago of next week! ~DP

Elton John

13 - MC Hammer

first tape I bought was Tiffany at the swap meet!

1996, celine dion, falling into you

I was 10 or 11 NOW 5

shaggy - it wasn't me

I was a big dork in middle school in the 90s. My sister had left for college, so I bought my own first cd player and the first cd to go with it was BJ Thomas

Thriller RCORD and Stacy Q, Two of Hearts. Gina xo

first cd I bought was a Sublime CD like their greatest hits. I was 13

Not my first, but the one that I really remember was the Mulan soundtrack. Also, I don''t get gifts and absolutely remember the kind person who gaveme gloves for Christmas last year, it was my only gift

ac/dc thunderstruck

AC/DC. Back in Black Album in the 70's

New Kids on the Block

first cd royal crescent mob 2.00 1995

KC & The Sunshine Band. Single record lawn mowing money

Madonna Like A Virgin

depeche mode violator

1992 Color me badd

U2 Boy in 1980...I was 9 hrs. Had been checking out cassettes at the local library and came across it. Such a cool different sound.

Bought my first CD in 1984. It was Van Halen. Used my Walkman to listen to it. Listener bill

thirst albums i ever bought from working at old navy in high school was kanye west's college dropout. Man I was bumping that non stop. Back in '04

I was 9 or 10 and got the no strings attached album by n'sync!! Still one of my favorite things to listen too!

my first was Third Bass in cassette tape style

Selena! Quintanilla not Gomez. Amor Prohibido

First tape I bought was Debbie Gibson's Out of the Blue.

ALL for One CD

Bryan Adams. Summer of 69"

Michael Jackson Off the Wall

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