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October 11, 2019

My child was giving someone a hug, and when it was done my child started patting the belly and said that's a big belly!

My 4 yr old son said "I'll give you a nickel to tickle my pickle" to an elderly lady at the store.

I took my son who was three at the time to the grocery store with me to pick up a couple things and we were standing in line and he kept staring at the person behind us and I tried to distract him and it wasn''t working and then he blurts out look mommy a witch! Needless to say the lady behind me wasn''t thrilled! I was mortified but could see his point! Lol

In Sacrament meeting one Sunday my two-year-old stood up on the pew and started pointing people out asking if they had bums and when I whispered yeshoney they do she then loudly asked are they pooping to which I replied very quietly no sweetheart not at the moment. I seriously almost died of embarrassment

my brothers sister in law came to visit him and she just got done telling me how sweet and polite my kids were. She was getting ready to go back home and my

9 months pregnant and in the bathroom stall. My 3 year yells "WOW mommy why is there hair on your peepee" I was mortified I waited 20 mins to leave stall

I was 9 months pregnant and my son (2yrs) saw a heavy set father and said mommy mommy that guy has a baby in his tummy too...I tried to ignore my son like it didn''t happen but he said it loud the next time and everyone around us in the gymnastics parent room heard, i was mortified

we were at a Walgreens and the cashier had a nose ring with a diamond. My 2 year old says why does she have a sparkle nose?

my son was getting fitted for orthodox on his feet. The nursesaid hold still because the cast gets hard with time. My son replied with: yeah, my peinus does that too sometimes and I don''t knowwhy!

my son announced to the whole (very busy) bathroom that I had made a stinky poopy. I did the walk of shame out of that bathroom. This is amongst manyembarrassing or crazy things he says in public

my 4 yo walked up to my neighbors and told them "mommy is crazy". No idea where she got it from!!!

I was picking up my laundry when I heard my 4 year olds window rolling down, "excuse me miss, you have poop on your neck .. right here" and proceedsto point to a giant MOLE on the ladies face" Never went there again!

My sister was watching my 3 yr old. She took her into the mall bathroom and my daughter started chuckling my sister asked why, my daughter replied you have a hairy front bum.

Was at Target and my son loudly said "she looks like a monkey" about a woman that was shopping on the same isle. I was mortified!

my neighbor was watching my son and she took him to pick up pizza. When she was trying to get him out of his car seat he kept yelling "ouch my penis, you can''t touch my penis" with a parking lot full of people

We we''re leaving Costco and my daughter told the lady checking our cart at the door that she was "really big". The lady didn''t hear her and asked herwhat she had said. My daughter yelled "You''re really big!" I have never pushed a cart away so quickly.

my niece was in a small store with just a couple miles. She squatted down to grab something off the lower shelf. Her two-year-old daughter said mommyyou pooping? Everyone started to giggle.

4 year old twin boys. In the car basket at Smith''s an older guybent down to say hi to them. 1 of them said "what you lookin at old dude" and as he walked away the other said "see ya later old sucka pants" >&< &@>&< &@

hey ZHT one more. My daughter just turned three she does not say buttons very well. We were in church it was a quiet moment during the service. My husband''s holding her and all of a sudden she says very loudly I like your butts. She was referring to the buttons on his shirt. I cracked up I could not help it. It''s always at church for us

There is a super bad accident on eastbound I 80 at the junction of 201. Traffic is backing up about 2 miles already

my son and I were at the mall, to separate incidents. One yelled out she had a nice butt second he said Dad she has huge boobs. I thought I was goingto get my trash kicked

clumsy little brother fell and had forehead stitches lady at grocery store asked what happened he said my dad hit me w a baseball bat

nanny to 3 yr old boy. In a long line, was tickling to distract. He asked me to get toes, knee, etc. Then super loud- TICKLE MY PEE PEE! #dead

I was at church and my youngest daughter at the time was only 6 months old and she threw up all over me. So I get up to head out of the church to goget myself in her cleaned up and this random kid screams oh that''s so gross in the church. I was trying to be discreet and that did not happen

My son called someone a d-bag

my friends 6 year old told her to calm your tits

. First time my 2 yr old saw am African american. Daddy why is he brown

in a busy public restroom, took my 3 year old son into the stall with me, when I peed he said really loud "see mom, I knew you had a penis"

early 80's I'm 7 boarding plane from Disneyland and say my jaw breaker is a bomb BIG TROUBLE

little brother, who''s autistic, used to yell ''PENIS'' all the time. We were in church, totally silent, and he yelled ''PENIS''! My dad said ''no, you can''t have any peanuts''

we were in line at the checkout line my 3 year old son was pouting so the lady in front of us ask him what was wrong he said " my mom broke the leg bone in my body" then makes a fake whine she looked at me with pure horror. My son has never had a broken leg but is obsessed with playing dr a patient that''s the only place I think he could have got it from. I couldn''t get out of there fast enough

My son was 4 at the time . we were at a missionary farewell. It was quiet as sacrament being passed out, my son sees a kid with glasses and standson pew Yells.. look mom its Harry Potter .

we have a book called "How I Became A Pirate" in the book it says, "pirates don''t have to brush their teeth, maybe that''s why their teeth are so yellow." At the grocery store my son saw a man withreally yellow teeth and started shouting and pointing, "mom, it''s apirate, it''s a pirate!!" I was so embarrassed =H

When my son was 3, he was acting up in the store and hit me in the face in front a long line of people so i carried him out and he was screaming asloud as he could "DONT TAKE ME TO THE CAR! DONT LET HER TAKE ME TO THE CAR!" I was so embarrassed i was bawling when we finally got to the car

my son taking a shower with dad, I hear daddy you have a big penis, my husband yelled for me to get him out of the shower. I was dying!

My son has really cute curls and this older lady at the airport was admiring him and smiling. My son being cranky gives her a dirty look and said "stop staring at me old lady!" I was horrified.

friend was at target with her daughter who asked the check out lady "are you a mommy or a daddy?" The lady didn''t understand and said "what?" Daughter then yells "I mean are you a boy or a girl!"

My nephew came out of a bathrm @ a grocery store & yelled to me (pointing to a teen who came out)-HE DIDNT WASH HIS HANDS. The teen bolted.

I am the only women in the house. My 4 year old son saw me naked the other day and ask why my penis was cut off. He was so concerned hours later hetold me I needed to show my ouchie to my husband.

also had a niece that when in public saw a disabled person with no legs getting around using his arms. She announced to my sister with much attention look at that monkey guy

we were at village in and the waitress asked if there where any allergies she should know about my oldest son who was 5 at the time said my moms allergic to incest I said what! He said ya know the thing that flies and stings you, I said bees.. and he says mom bees are incests

she also went under my hooter hider when I was nursing my daughter & and screamed ahh she''s eating your boob. Came out and said there''s chocolate milk in mine and covered her little boobies lol

My 11 year then 3 wanted a Woody from Toy Story for potty training. Leaving WalMart he yelled "I got a Woooooody!"

I was in the bathroom in the mall with my son when he was 3ish, when someone came into the stall next to us in a VERY BIG HURRY. When the noises started coming from that stall my son said very loudly, Dad his Bum is exploding! I said sure is, now hurry up and lets get out of here.

My 2 year old he couldn't say frog and it sounded like f*** we were at the doctor and he kept yelling out frog... everyone stared at us

there was a homeless man on the corner. My nephew yelled from the car yelled, "You're a weirdo with a beardo."

we were at a high school athletic fundraiser for my daughter''s best friend''s sport team. The coach came to our table and thanked our family for coming. My son who was 8 or 9 years old asked the coach if she was a boy or girl? I about died. The coach said I''m a girl. She had a gruff voice and a mullet.Fast forward 8 years, now he has her for a teacher in high school. He was nervous for the first day of school hoping that she didn''t remember him. Luckily she didn''t and she''s grown out the mullet.

My 4 year old son and I were wrestling. He fell and broke his leg. We went to the hospital and the Dr ask What happened... "My daddy grabbed me and now my leg is broken" luckily family was there to verify my story

a public bathroom my 3 year old son said in pure terror mom your peepee fell off!!!!

When my son was six we were in the middle of target and my son kept asking for things, including chips, and we said no over and over. Finally, he said give me some fucking Chito''s! We were dead.

My 4 year old son and I were wrestling. He fell and broke his leg. We went to the hospital and the Dr ask What happened... "My daddy grabbed me and now my leg is broken" luckily family was there to verify my story

in a crowded store my 6yr old daughter asks where we are going for dinner. I said "dees" she shouted "deez-nuts"

my little sister yelled during sacrament look mom a naked crayon. A crayon without a wrapper

went to sweet tomatoes and my cousin ask the waitress if she could touch her eye brows lol the lady had really bold drawn on eyebrows. Lol

when my little bro was about 5 we were at church. During the sacrament, dead quiet, one of my other bro''s took my youngest bros toy and he yelled give that back f***er

my 4 year old calls her large stuffed elephant her husband. She likes to tell everyone to she falls asleep with her husband on top of her every night.

when back East one year, my middle daughter announces while at the mall look at all those black people.

I took my boys and 4year old grandson 2 lunch. The waitress asked 4his order he said he wanted a big ASS burger.

I watch a show called my 600lb life, my kids and I were at walmart and saw a big lady and my son yelled out "look mom the lady from the fat show".

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