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October 14, 2019

had to do an auto claim for hitting a full size recliner in the middle of the highway. The insurance company had a hard time believing me, but glad here was a police report!

brother driving home one night through Provo Canyon, and a single flyer helicopter landed on the roof of his car. He was still driving!!

my heavy friend broke a seat in Wendover , at a concert and submitted a claim for not having more sturdy seats .. she’s 5''10and 440 lbs

my brother was driving down the road when his car was attacked by a cloud of honey bees- they even got in the car! He rear-ended another car and when the police showed up there were only a few bees left and only 2 stings as evidence! So bizarre! We couldn’t stop laughing!!

when my bf got attacked by his drone when we were on vacation in north and South Carolina. Insurance and the Instacare was like are you sure it wasn’t a shark or alligator lol

We got a claim about a couple getting cuddly in the shower @ Vegas hotel. Live wire hanging from ceiling shocked & killed him =3=3 she was injured pretty bad.

car ran over a mattress in the middle of the night. Insurance didn't believe it until mechanic found a mattress tag on the underside of the car.

had to bill an insurance company a medical claim for a person who had an eye medical condition because they got semen in their eye.

My mother in law ran over Her self with the car she was driving. It continued to roll backwards and hit a tree! Would have loved to see both the medical and car insurance people''s face trying to figure that one out

Working medical insurance had a claim submitted for slipping in tub and having hotel size shampoo bottle get stuck up rectum. Had to surgically extracted.

work at a body shop. Had a bear get into a car and tear it up while the family was camping. Had to replace everything.

my mom broke her hand because she was writing my son''s scooter mind you she was 55 and drunk and fell while riding my son''s razor scooter! I didn''t think it was broken! She ended up having to have surgery on her wrist

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