TEXT TOPIC: Confessions in Professions: Jail and Prison workers

October 15, 2019

My best friend is a SL county jail nurse. He has more stories to count. He does love that he can say F off to people though that treat him poorly haha

used to work with a nurse that got his fingers bit off while he worked as a nurse at the prison

I know a drug counselor at one of the locations WHO DOES DRUGS!!! This person lectures addicts at their lowest point in life as they are using drugs too.

my friend works in slc jail and was doing his rounds in super max and got jumped by an inmate that didn't like the way he looked at him

my dad was a deputy sheriff for over 20 years. He worked in the jail with the inmates. He found a guy who slit his wrists in his cell and jumped into action and saved his life.

We always say (in law enforcement) they have one face to remember, we have thousands to try and remember. Gets scary.

We also pull teeth if we know they wont brush their teeth or take care of their teeth.

I had a teacher who was a prison guard, one day I stepped on the back of her shoe and she almost took me out, she started crying afterwards I felt terrible

my cousin worked in the prison he had to extradite an inmate out of his cell once the inmates flooded his cell with the toilet water and another time before that he caught inmates putting feces and spit in the food they would prepare

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