Front-End Loader Used To Destroy $2 Million Worth Of Furniture

By Bill Galluccio

October 17, 2019

Over $2 million worth of furniture being stored in a Florida warehouse was destroyed by somebody driving a front-loader. The furniture is at the center of a lawsuit between furniture dealer David Fletcher and Kristi Harris. Fletcher claims that he agreed to sell Harris a warehouse full of furniture for $2 million. She did not have all the money on hand, so they worked out an agreement where she would pay him $1 million upfront and then pay him the rest of the money over time.

After Harris made the first payment, Fletcher noticed that she was using the name of his business. He contacted her and explained that their deal was only for the furniture and did not include his business. Harris stopped making the payments and filed a lawsuit against Fletcher for fraud, breach of contract, deceptive and unfair trade practices, and intentional interference with a business relationship.

She claims that Fletcher agreed to sell his entire company to her, but never turned over the assets and is seeking $3 million in compensation.

To make matters worse, Harris received a notice that she was being evicted from the warehouse by the property owner and had until October 1 to remove all the furniture. The landlord accused her of making significant modifications to the building without approval.

Two days before the October 1 deadline, surveillance video captured a woman arriving with the operator of the front-loader. The video shows the heavy machinery destroying everything inside the warehouse, but officials were unable to identify the two people from the video footage.

Police are investigating the crime but have not made any arrests in the case.

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