TEXT TOPIC: What bad thing happened but then it turned good?

October 17, 2019

brutally assaulted by my X in 2006. Physical pain sucks but it Forced me out of a hell life. Been single since, got a degree a career, im an advocate, finally financially stable .. 1000% happy w life.

I was fired from a job I was passionate for and it forced me to find something new. Now I have a real career that I love!

when I was 19 my first love went to jail but it was good because he was taking me down a dark road, I got sober and have a great life

I cheated on my wife prior to us getting married and now we are married happily with the child and I could not have been any better

Sexually assaulted in a gym steam room. The money I got helped me start my business and the process of getting my patent.

my extremely physically and mentally abusive marriage is best lesson I''ve ever had in life. The experience was terrifying, but when I left I learned how strong I was for myself and my daughters.

My mom flooded my room & i thought it was the worst thing ever but we got enough $ from insurance to redo my entire room & get rid of my god awful green carpet & yellow walls!

I got pregnant at 18 after only knowing him for five months and was terrified! How can I be a good mom at 19 go to school make a career for myself and be able to support a family? Well she turns eight years old tomorrow and she has been the best thing that has ever happened to me!

infertility was the worst/best thing. I wasn''t ready for kids when I thought I was so having to struggle for 5 yrs has made me appreciate my spouse and being a mom

getting a divorce and finally seeing all the abuse. Now being with someone who treats me right

got pregnant by another man while going through a divorce. I was mortified! I ended up staying together with the father of my baby and the baby has been a huge blessing to my children and us as a family. We’ve been together for seven years now and going strong!

A couple of years ago, I got a flesh eating bacteria in my leg, which led to sepsis, which led to kidney failure and a host of other problems. I''m now grateful that happened because now I appreciate every single day to it''s fullest and take better care of my body.

Got cheated on, but my new soon to be wife, was the one to come to my rescue.

was over the road trucking. Hated it. Fell asleep at the wheel and laid my rig on the side. Didn''t kill anybody but it lead to a better job. Home daily and on weekends and off during winter

Lost a pregnancy last year which was so horrible and was very depressed. But had to adopt my 2 little sister because my mom is a flake. It would have been so hard to have a newborn during all of this.

got a DUI 2 years ago. It felt like the end of the world then. But it was the best thing that happened to me. It calmed me down. I was going down a bad path with drinking and other things. A DUI was better than killing someone or myself. I lucked out my lawyer got it to an impaired driving but still consequences. It was a one and done for me. I''ve not drank and drove since and never will.

found out in January through 23&me that my dad was someone else- life changing for me. For the better

Last year I spent thanksgiving in jail. I was an angry person who treated everyone like crap. Especially my husband. I finally paid for it. It sucked but it forced me to get help for my mental illness and saved my marriage.

I was widowed at 23 (11yrs ago) My late hubby had a very toxic/abusive family. He spent his life trying to make them proud in vain. I moved away & cut them off.

in HS my horse had to be put down due to a broken knee, literally felt like my world was ending and I would never be able to ride again but it opened up the doors to get my next horse who took me to nationals for HS Rodeo. Best thing to ever happen he is now 21 years old and still going strong.

Had a miscarriage, and my "best friend" turned her back on at the same time. I did EVERYTHING for her, it wasn''t enough l. 2 heart breaks, got me focused on myself and future. 4 years later I''m thriving, she held me back.

I am a recovering alcoholic, and was seeing my ex husband for 7 years. We got married July 2018 on a beach in Cali, and he left me 3 months later. He suddenly changed his mind and said he couldn’t deal with it. I was devastated, but tomorrow is the 1 year anniversary since we split and I haven’t had a drink since. Being sober I now see how much better off I am.

my husband asked 4 a divorce the reason was because of my insecurities. It was the best thing I wasn''t taking care of myself & taking it out on him, I''ve since started therapy & am losing weight & feel great

Lost my kids to my addiction. I had tried to quit so many times but couldn''t. DCFS saved my life. I did drug court and rehab and got kids back. Now 5years clean and married with 2 more kids

I was fired 2 wks before xmas and was devastated! A year later, I have thee best job making 10k more

married a man i didnt love because i was pregnant I knew he was no good but my parents being traditional and strict catholic insisted i marry him. 6 yrs 4 kids later i had enough left him. Was the best decision ever I struggled at 1st but I have enjoyed my kids to the max. 4yrs after being single w/4 kids meat a great man which im madly in love with. He treats me like a =x

Overcame the dark road of unexplained infertility (thanks to RCC treatments!) and am a better mother now for my fight to get here!

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