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October 21, 2019

didn’t realize we had so much equity in our home, just refinanced and paid off my credit card that has been maxed out for 5 years, my 8 year old student loan, and every other credit card we have. I can breathe!

A family member died and I came into some money so I got 100% out of debt. Paid off my car, student loans, everything. I would rather l have that person alive but they would have been so proud that I didn’t just blow that money

My husband and I in the past year have managed to pay off both our vehicles and credit card debt all totaling a little over 30,000. We still have student loans but I m very proud of the past year

we paid off 6 grand in medical bills all credit card debt and sold my husband car. Fingers crossed we now can get into a house!

Paid off my 7 year car loan in just over 3 yrs! Paid off my big trip! Now I have no debt! Over 1000$ a month I can save save save to eventually buy a home, then I''ll have big debt.

Paid off 350k of medical bills from breast cancer treatments. We kicked ass and did Dave Ramsey.

this is a brag for my parents they paid off there two cars and there house. Worked hard and had set backs but in there mid and upper 60's they did it.

My hubby and I are on the Dave Ramsey bandwagon and have paid off over $22k in the past 9 months. We paid off an 11k car loan in 5 months!

just made my last pmt, but In just over 2 years I paid off my car & 10 credit cards. All totaled between $35k & $40k. Today I am poor, but debt free.

just paid my husbands car off and one of my student loans this year. Jan our home insurance falls off so here''s to paying that down and building equity on the house!!

Finally paid off the bill for my hysterectomy that I had in August 2018.

Today I'm paying off the Orthodontist for kid #4 in braces.

paid off seven medical bills over three paychecks from my second job.

paid off my divorce/custody battle!!!! Worth every penny! My girls and I can move on now without his dead weight. And debt free!

with my inheritance I paid off 90% of our debt! It feels so nice to have only a few Bill's!

paid it all of! Credit card debts, both cars and money in the bizank. We sold our house at the maximum price.

surprised my dad and paid off his car best money I’ve ever spent,

Last year we paid off $29,000 of consumer debt (credit cards and cars) by me working grave yard shifts while my spouse worked days. We were just $3300 from being consumer debt free when he was laid off. I’m still working graves but no extra money to pay off the rest......yet. Still, it feels good to be so close and we couldn’t make ends meet now if we still had all the e tea debt.

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