TEXT TOPIC: What did you finally get around to doing?

By Frankie and Jess Show

October 21, 2019

used to be into fitness quite a bit! Finally yesterday I decided to sign up for a new gym membership. Been out of the game for a while but ready to pursue a healthy way of living.

finally got around to cleaning out my closet which had totes and totes full of old crap, going through everything trashing most and reorganize it the rest.

took me 10 years to get my name changed in my social security card after getting married

we finally got around to new pictures too after 10 years.

my husband has been out of the military for 10 years and we are just now applying for VA benefits. We missed out on probably $120,000 plus of benefits.

it took a year but I finally got our home owners insurance updated to reflect the new appraisal price. It would have sucked if something happened while at the old price!!

After being married for 5 years, I finally went and finished changing my name. Up until now my drivers license was my married name, nothing else.

Getting health, more specific giving up my voice of Mt. Dew. I’ve challenged myself to give up any and all caffeine for 30 days. I’m on day 5 and even this month makes me super proud

finally bit the bullet and filed for divorce. After almost 10 years of emotional abuse and him cheating, I finally got out and have never been happier!!

Don't judge me but I finally did maternity pics for my dog, waited so long I was worried she would have them while taking the pics lol

finally got around to cleaning out our garage before winter so both cars can fit.

Finally got a new hairstyle. Haven't cut my hair in 25 years.

naming my baby... 5 weeks later.

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