TEXT TOPIC: What is your Passive Aggressive text?

October 22, 2019

Steven, you need to figure out your personal life so it stops being a drag on your coworkers

Pinterest is not girly... Neither is being creative. Just because I can coordinate colors doesn''t mean I''m feminine. Lol That''s all I have for my passive aggressiveness. I''m over stereotypes this week (and it''s only Tuesday) and that reminded me.

do you have an insecurity with me? You always have to "one up" what I say and do to prove something to yourself. It's annoying and get a life.

u are a piss poor excuse of a "grandpa" we have 2 kids & the next time you refer to my youngest as "the other one" I will sock u in your throat

Ppl don t o u anything for Adulting! Just because ur doing what ppl have been doing 4yrs doesn t mean everything should be handed 2U. Suck it up buttercup.

Dear Credit are Thief, the money you stole from me,I will survive, but your deplorable act will catch up with you eventually! Karma is a B$&@&!

I live in an apartment complex on the first floor. I’m Hispanic and I love music just as much as any other Hispanic. But when your upstairs neighbors blasts Spanish music at midnight for at least three hours there is something wrong. I have even complained to the complex about the noise levels. Nothing. Ahhh!

To the couple who has been having an affair in their car 3 times a week for the last year and a half outside our office in Layton WE SEE YOU

if you are going to a fast food place and trying to decide between parking and drive thru! FREAKING PARK!! Do not block the entrance and cause traffic back up on a major road. 12th&Washington in Ogden sucks for this!

Yes we r work friends. But ur not my manager. Dont have to tell u y I called in or y Im late. I dont owe u shiz

stop asking for pics of my ass when you can't even take a night off to take me on a date. I need/deserve more than that.

to the parents of my students who think it''s okay to send your kid to my class without established basic manners please know you''re making my day harder than it is with 35 kids in my class

My mother in law doesn''t understand why I want my husband to stay at the hospital with me after I have our third child next month! I''m having a c section; I can''t even get out of bed by myself at first. She just doesn''t want to have to help with our kids.

Hey lady when three cars signal to get over doesn't mean to speed up and not let anybody in. News flash you're not more important than anybody else

you bitch at the kids for not putting there dishes in the washer , but yet you just leave yours in the sink. I love you but I''m not your damn maid. Your dish has been sitting there for 2 days , CLEAN IT UP

you didn't hire me for the supervisor position but now you want me to train this person... hmmm

dear boss, stop giving me crap for using a week of MY vacation before my husband deploys. I shouldn’t feel guilty for spending time with my family.

Was attacked at knife point by someone I thought I could trust. All I have to say is that justice will be served and you can't hide forever JERK!

Stop running the school bus red flashing lights!

Co worker- dont shame me for going part-time to go back to school! My education is priority #1. Maybe YOU should go back too.

To a certain manager. I''ve been working for you seven years. And you keep promoting these people who haven''t been here long. I should be getting these jobs. But instead you go for the ones who suck up. Screw you.

dear ex I hate that you spoil our son to the point he doesn't want anything to do with me I may not have the money your husband does but I'm his real dad

the man cold.. dude I don’t feel good either. I'm tired too! Sometimes we just need to put on our big girl underwear and go on with our day.

Passive aggressive , I despise your whole family.. I wish you would have told me about your ex , your kids , and your whole family the answer would have been NO!!

glad you're losin weight, but when u clean ur closet & offer me clothes don't say, "these 1s r 2 big now, they should fit u"

I am the step parent how about one of the actual parents steps up and takes care of the dang kids for once. I''m sick of you two being petty and the kids suffering.

f u chad! If you see me standing behind a weight equipment. I'm using it!!! Also unrack ur shiz

hey d bag. You may think yourself a good father because you lie the world to your kids, but keeping them from their mom who just lost a baby, THEIR SISTER, makes you the worst human being ever

hey new dryer I just spent a lot of money on. You SUCK! How dare you not working right and now I have to wait for a repair man on Wednesday! #imnakedandneedclothes!

I''m not going to walk on eggshells anymore around you, I got this job over you, respect me and let go. I was obviously a better fit for the position!Grow up!

when your landlord and his parents comes over every night "to work in the yard" aka "keep an eye on us". We dont have a meth lab growing! Give us our space!

people at the gas station, when it''s busy, don''t leave your car sitting at the pump while you run inside the store! Trying to find a pump and all the cars are empty. That''s why they have parking spots.

Parents please understand I have more students than just YOUR child, stop acting like I, the teacher, am your personal employee.

Stop talking about Shizz in front of your kids!

hey Karen we all have autoimmune issues but you keep blaming your weight on yours. Maybe if you wouldn''t eat out all the time you wouldn''t be so overweight and you would FEEL BETTER instead of blaming it on your "condition"

for my ex husband fiance im not interested in "your man" trust me hunny if i wanted him i could have him a long time ago. Just know that your insecurities it affects our co parenting and my kids. Get your sh*t together and get over yourself!!

Stop asking if we are pregnant just because u have caught on to small signs.. if we haven't announced there's prolly a serious reason

I am aware I've put on some weight. Used to be anorexic so believe me, I know I don't need you bringing it up gtfo Karen

just because I left church doesn't mean that I'm a bad person. People that don't go to church are good people too.

YOU! Yes you! You know who you are! Walk your lazy a$$ and your grocery cart to the cart return!

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