Toby Keith Remembers Bob Kingsley As "The Voice" Of Country Music

By Lauryn Snapp

November 4, 2019

The passing of National Radio Hall of Fame broadcaster Bob Kingsley on Oct. 17 stunned the country music world. Bob was celebrated by artists, music executives, and radio gurus. It seemed that everyone who knew Bob loved Bob. Toby Keith and Cody Alan were among the admirers. 

"Bob Kingsley was such a friend of mine," shared Toby during a recent interview with CMT's Cody Alan. "On my way up before I could headline or anything, I was just working nightclubs. Bob came out to Billy Bob's in Fort Worth and said, "I wanted to hear this 'great talent,'" he called me.

"And from that day forward, if I was near him at any performing event, he was in the audience. So, we became friends, and we stayed in touch," Toby continued. "It was surreal to me because when you heard him on the radio doing the countdown, he was the guy. He was "The Voice" that you grew up listening too. It was Casey Kasem in the pop world, and it was Bob Kingsley in the country world."

Kingsley had spent the last six decades of his life broadcasting country music on the radio. His love for the genre was a true testament to his radio show. In an interview with Bob, the broadcaster shared, "I love the music, and the people who make it and I want our listeners to have as much insight into both as I can give them, and to make the experience as enjoyable as possible."

Bob's dominance in the country format was undeniable. "One of the greatest magnificent voices, nicest guy ever, and I have never heard anything say anything but great things about my pal, Bob Kingsley," shared Toby.  

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