Lil' Kim Opens up on Why She Hated Naturi Naughton In 'Notorious'

By December Savage

November 17, 2019

Lil’ Kim recently appeared on an interview with Hollywood Unlocked where she once again proclaimed her disappointment with the 2009 B.I.G. biopic, Notorious.

Her disdain is pointed to actress Naturi Naughton who portrayed the Queen Bee in the film. Naturi originally rose to fame as apart of the band, 3LW, then later for her lead role on the hit tv show, Power.

During the interview, Lil’ Kim stated that she was never a fan of Naturi playing her in the film and has always made that clear.

“I’m going to touch on this briefly ’cause I think everybody already knows my answer to this, but I hated everything about that movie. I hated it. Wasn’t involved in it. I actually had to get my lawyers involved in which I ended up getting a check from it — that was the only reason why, whatever. But it was greenlit and shot without my permission. Everybody knows this already. We talked about it.”

Kim said that her disappointment mostly was due to the fact that Naturi had nothing in common with the rapper.

“How do you even pick somebody [Naughton] — because I’m sorry. That wasn’t … I was not OK with that … I would have never picked her. Never, ever, ever. She has nothing in common with me. Nothing. We have nothing in common. No, seriously … And I don’t like the way she’s been disrespectful about it because I wasn’t even basically blaming her. But she did a whole documentary coming at me. I’m like, ‘What the heck is this?'”

Kim continued by adding that if Naturi only took the role for money then leave it at that.

“So basically, you’re doing it without my stamp of approval. So you’re doing it for a check or you’re doing it to come up. That’s fine. But don’t make it seem like I’m hating on you because I don’t want you to do it … All of that talk she did on the documentary, I felt it was very disrespectful.”

The documentary Lil’ Kim is referring to is an episode of TV One’s Uncensored. The episode debuted in April and discussed Naughton’s thoughts on Kim’s criticism.

“I would never take on a role of real person that is alive and well and not try to speak with them and reach out,” she said.

“Let’s clear the record. At the time, there was a manger who was managing Kim. I called, I left multiple voicemails …  I was at the production office in Brooklyn, Kim comes off the elevator, I happen to be there for rehearsal. Huge, beautiful fur. I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, the queen is here.’ She walks right by me with her crew. She goes into the director’s office. They close the door.”

She continued by saying that the she hoped the Lil’ Kim and her manager were not fighting about her role.

“All I hear is, ‘What the f—k?!’ They’re arguing. They’re yelling and I’m like, ‘I hope this is not about me.’ But it was. I guess there was some miscommunication about the casting process. But again, I’m just an actress. I was just hired to do a part. So I was hoping and praying. I reached out via phone. I was there, that time in person.”

Naturi also added that she has nothing but respect for Lil’ Kim and has always considered her a pioneer of female rap artistry.

“To this day, I have nothing but love and respect for Lil Kim. she really is what spawned the careers of Nicki Minajs and Cardi B. They just took from that book and did it now. No disrespect to any of these artists. But please give her her just due. So for me, I have nothing but love and respect. And I hope that she knows I was honored to play her. And I hope one day she can see that and really know that.”

Naturi took to Instagram to respond with a simple caption of Biggie lyrics.

“In the words of #BiggieSmalls … “MO MONEY, MO PROBLEMS”

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