Pete Davidson Revealed How Feels About Ariana Grande 1 Year After Split

By Emily Lee

November 21, 2019

Pete Davidson commented on his relationship with Ariana Grande one year after their split. The pair called off their whirlwind engagement back in October 2018. Though Ariana was able to address their romance and breakup on her Grammy-nominated album Thank U, Next, Davidson has kept a low profile recently. In a new interview with Paper magazine, though, the comedian revealed he wishes not the best for his ex.

"I don't ever make public statements about relationships 'cause I just don't think it's right, you know? I usually express how I feel about anything through work," Pete said when asked about Ariana. "So, I hope she's well. I hope she's very happy. And that's pretty much it. And print doesn't usually age well."

Pete also addressed his reputation for going "above and beyond" for the person he's dating. "I treat the person I'm with like a princess. I try and go as above and beyond as possible, because that's what you're supposed to do," he explained. "If you're in a relationship with someone, you're just supposed to make that person feel as special as possible. But sometimes when you put so much on someone, it overwhelms them, and then they don't know if they could come close to that."

Despite wanting to do the most for his partners, Pete admits "it's very off-putting to some. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't, and then it sometimes makes me feel bad about myself because I'm like, "I did all this stuff and..'" Though Pete says he's learned not to get upset when his intensity isn't matched by his partner. "I have learned that anything you do, it just has to be 'cause you wanna do it."

"It's something I had to learn in a past relationship, which sucked to learn through that person, but it makes you better," he continued. "I used to get really upset that this person didn't "match" my intensity or how much I show by actions, you know? I'm not really good at accepting just words, 'cause people could say shit all the time. And this person was very word-heavy, so because of how insane I am, and how untrustworthy and scared I am, I couldn't only take that... So, I had to learn that you just have to do stuff 'cause you want to do it."

After experiencing such a public relationship and split, Pete says he now tries to keep his private life out of the spotlight. "I'm just as private as possible. I'm as discrete as can be. I know now not to do PDA. I'm a very PDA [person], though," he said. Despite his efforts to keep his relationships on the down low, he's recently been linked to actress Margaret Qualley and model Kaia Gerber.

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