DaBaby Documents His 'Million Dollar' Super Bowl Weekend In 'Shut Up' Video

By Peyton Blakemore

February 6, 2020

If you thought DaBaby was grinding in 2019, you're not ready to see what he has in store for 2020.

On Thursday (February 6), the Charlotte rapper dropped his new single "Shut Up" and its corresponding music video, which documents his "million dollar" Super Bowl weekend in Miami. During the action-packed three days, Baby performed a whooping fourteen shows and reportedly pulled in one million dollars!

The music video begins with a message from DaBaby addressed to 2020: "Now I know what me and 2019 had was special, but that’s nothing compared to what I have planned for you girl. You’re mine for the next 10 months and 22 days.”

The video goes on to show DaBaby hopping in and out of cars, going from stage to stage, and additionally partying at strip clubs and hanging out with industry vets like Diddy and Kanye West in between his chaotic work schedule.

As for the song itself, DaBaby speaks to his haters, telling them to "shut up" as he addresses their comments, letting then know he peeps everything they've said about him, but doesn't care. "I heard he beat his fans/ I heard he don't like to take pictures/ I heard he married/ No, he not/ I just wanted a picture/ He beat 'em to a coma/ I heard he f**ked with ole girl/ He's Illuminati/ He moved to Charlotte when he was seven/ All y'all shut the f**k up, suck my d*ck, ni**a," he says to close out the track. "I work too hard to be explaining myself I'm gone/ Shut the f**k up, ni**a, hah.

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