Man Tries To Break Down Fence Using Roomba During Dispute With Neighbor

By Bill Galluccio

February 7, 2020

A dispute between two neighbors in Yukon, Oklahoma, started with a Roomba attack and ended with a SWAT team using pepper spray canisters to force the suspect out of his home.

David Baird said he was scared for himself and his family after his neighbor, John Stafford, started acting erratically. While it is unclear what sparked the altercation, Baird said he never had any issues with Stafford in the past.

Baird said that Stafford was trying to use a Roomba to break down a fence that separates their properties.

"I told him, 'If you break through this fence, I will have to shoot you,'" Baird told KFOR.

Stafford then started throwing feces onto Baird's property before locking himself inside his own home. Stafford then called 911 six times. During one conversation, he threatened the officers.

"I am going to run you guys into the f-----g ground," Stafford told the dispatcher, who calmly replied, "Ok, have a nice night."

A SWAT team was sent to try to get Stafford to surrender peacefully. He refused to leave his home, and after 12 hours, officers used pepper spray canisters to force him outside. He was taken into custody and is being held on a single charge of planning an act of violence.

Officials have not determined why Stafford tried to break down the fence, or what caused his dispute with Baird.

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