Cell Phone Video Captures Florida Man Rescue Driver From Sinking Car

By Bill Galluccio

February 25, 2020

A Florida woman is lucky to be alive after suffering a seizure and crashing her car into a canal in Boca Raton. Shawn Turner was driving in the area when his son pointed out a white SUV floating in the water.

"As I was bringing my kids home, my son Timmy looked over and said, 'Dad, there's a car floating in the canal,'" Turner told WPTV.

He knew he had to help and jumped into the water to assist the woman, identified as Molly Pedrone.

"I didn't have time to hesitate," said Turner. "I had time to take off my pants and go in."

He climbed into the vehicle through the passenger side window and yelled to somebody on the shore to toss him a knife so he could cut Pedrone's seatbelt. A few other bystanders ran into the water and helped Turner pull her out of her car.

"It was a mission to get her out the driver's side window and out the car," said Turner. "I know cars don't float long, so we needed to get her out of the car quick."

Pedrone suffered two black eyes and bit her tongue in the crash and is recovering in the hospital. She said that she does not have a recollection of the accident or the rescue.

"I'm so thankful for Shawn's help and the help lot the other bystanders," she said. "I can't fathom what it would've been like without them."

One of Turner's sons filmed their dad's heroic rescue from the shore. They were worried he would end up trapped in the sinking car, screaming for him to hurry up and get back to dry land. Turner told WPBF that it was one of the scariest moments of his life.

"Scary," Turner said. "The water is coming in all around you, and it's brown water, and I'm in a black interior car. Scariest moments of my life."

He told the news station that he knew he needed to help when he realized there was a woman trapped inside the SUV.

"I didn't do it for the appreciation. I didn't do it for stardom or fame," Turner said. "I just did it because I saw a bad situation, and I knew somebody was in need of help."

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