Sophie Turner Explains Why She 'Hated' The Jonas Brothers While Growing Up

By Hayden Brooks

March 3, 2020

Sophie Turner is reportedly expecting her first child with Joe Jonas, but the couple's whirlwind road to family didn't originate on the best note.

In the April cover story for Elle, the actress, 24, admitted that she her friends were never fans of the Jonas Brothers while growing up. "There was this band in the U.K. called Busted. They had a hit called ‘Year 3000," she told the mag. "It was amazing, and we were huge Busted fans. Then the Jonas Brothers covered the song and made it massive. And Busted broke up. We thought it was all the Jonas Brothers’ fault. So we hated them."

Turner took another trip down memory lane, admitting that she didn't have a good impression of her now-husband prior to meeting him. "I expected him to show up with security and everything. I thought he would be such a d**k," Turner confessed. "I took all my guy friends with me to meet him because in the back of my mind I was worried he could be a catfish, or… I don’t know what. I just wanted my guy friends with me. I had my rugby boys. I was safe."

For the first date, the two opted for a bar in Camden, U.K. and the outing was the complete opposite of what she anticipated. "The best thing was that he didn’t bring security. He brought a friend and they drank just as hard as the rest of us," the actress explained. "I remember us two spending only a couple of minutes on the dance floor, and then we found a space in the far corner and we just talked. We talked for hours, and hours, and hours. And I wasn’t bored. It wasn’t contrived, it wasn’t small talk – it was just so easy. Soon, we were inseparable. And then I went on tour with him."

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