20 Things You Didn't Know About Camila Cabello

By Shayna Spero

March 1, 2022

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In honor of Camila Cabello's 25th birthday, here are a few interesting facts that make her so special! This Cuban-American singer rose to fame as a member of girl-group Fifth Harmony. After she departed from the group to pursue a solo career, Camila Cabello’s career has been on fire. She now has a few number 1 hit songs and has announced her third solo album "Familia" to come out in 2022. Her hit song "BAM BAM " featuring Ed Sheeran, also drops March 4th and excited is an understatement! Happy Birthday Camila, we ❤️ you!

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Camila is a Pisces: She is 25 years old and was born on March 3,1997, at 9:00 am.
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She loves Gossip Girl: In an interview awhile back with Seventeen, Camila told them that she once binge watched the television show for 24 hours straight.
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Ed Sheeran is a huge inspiration for her: In an interview with The Times Of India Entertainment, Camila said "He's incredible at putting love, emotion, and feeling into words. I would love to see him go into a room and watch how he makes his magic." Now their collab "BAM BAM" comes out on on march 4th with a music video to go with it. Dreams do come true!
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She was eliminated from The X Factor: Camila was eliminated during Bootcamp, but was called back to the stage to form Fifth Harmony. The group actually finished third in the singing competition show, but they signed a joint record deal with Syco Music and Epic Records shortly after.
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She has linked up with a number of artists for collaborations: The wide array includes boyfriend, Shawn Mendes, Young Thug, Mark Ronson, DaBaby, Bazzi, Machine Gun Kelly, Pitbull and J Balvin.
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Camila has won two iHeartRadio Music Awards: And two Latin Grammy Awards, five American Music Awards, one Billboard Music Award and four MTV VMAs. Last year (2019) the pop singer was nominated for three Grammys.
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Pharrell Williams helped her write “Havana” and also sings the backing vocals.
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She was raised in Cuba and Mexico:The “Havana” singer was born in Cuba. She moved back and forth between Cuba and Mexico as a child before moving to Miami, Florida at five years old.
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"Cinderella" by The Cheetah Girls was first song she learned the lyrics for: Camila has always been Disney Channel fan.
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Camila was originally titled, The Hurting, the Healing, the Loving: In a post on her Instagram page, she elaborated on the reason she decided to change the title of the project. “I decided to call it by my name, because this is where this chapter in my life ended. It started with somebody else’s story, it ended with me finding my way back to myself,” she wrote.
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Camila is actually her middle name: Her full name is Karla Camila Cabello Estrabao.
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She was once mistaken for Selena Gomez: “One time I was at the airport and I was getting some food, and this guy was like, “Oh my god, I thought you were Selena Gomez!” But he didn’t know who I was, he just thought I was Selena Gomez. I was like, “No, I’m not.” And then I just walked away,” she recalled to Buzzfeed.
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She Learned To Speak English On Her Own: In an Instagram post she shared she had said "On my first day of school, they asked me if I knew how to speak English. I don't know if I misunderstood or was too embarrassed, but I said 'Yea, I speak English.' So I never actually took an ELL class, but I picked up English really easily."
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The pop singer has been involved with a number of charities: She has partnered with Save the Children, non-profit arts group OMG Everywhere, Children’s Health Fund, and in 2017 she worked with Lin-Manuel Miranda and other artists on the track “Almost Like Praying” to help provide funds for those affected by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.
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Her mother, Sinuhe Estrabao-Cabello is one of her greatest inspirations.: Camila considers her mother to be her best friend and "the better half of my brain."
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Camila's dog is named after a Disney character: Eugene Fitzherbert is named after Rapunzel's love interest with "superhuman good looks" in Disney's Tangled.
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Camila eats a banana with every single meal: “I actually eat a banana with every single meal,” she revealed to Vogue. “It doesn’t matter what it is. It doesn’t matter if it’s pasta, a sandwich, rice and beans, scrambled eggs, pancakes, pizza. I eat bananas with everything.”
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Camila was already a Swiftie before supporting Taylor Swift on her record breaking Reputation tour: The “My Oh My” singer admitted she had a poster of Taylor in her bedroom as a young girl.
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She's been writing songs since she was in the 4th grade: “The first song I wrote was called ‘Believe’ and it went something like, ‘Believe. Believe in what you believe. Your dreams…’”
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Her self-titled debut album immediately shot up to No. 1 on the Hot 200 chart: “Havana” was the first song by a female performer to top the Pop, Adult Pop and Rhythmic charts since Mariah Carey's 1996 collaboration with Boyz II Men, "One Sweet Day."
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