The 10 Joe Exotic Music Videos You Most Definitely Need To See

By Peyton Blakemore

March 30, 2020

Tiger King not only introduced audiences to the dark world of private zoos, it gifted us the latest pop culture phenomenon: the one, the only, Joe Exotic — part-time zoo owner, part-time politician, and most importantly, part-time aspiring country star.

While Joe may not have actually sang the songs he took credit for singing — yes, he went all “Milli Vanilli” and used the voice of Washington state musicians Vince Johnson and Danny Clinton — he did create his now-viral music videos, which truthfully have become one of my favorite forms of comic relief amid the ongoing health crisis.

While I could say that watching the music videos has been "a surreal experience," I don't think that would do them justice. So, I'm leaving it to you to check out the 10 must-see Joe Exotic music videos for yourself.

1. "My First Love"

Nothing like watching Joe sing an intense ballad to his longtime partner, John Finlay.

2. "I Can't Believe This Feeling"


3. "I Saw A Tiger"

Surprisingly, the "I Saw A Tiger" music video is extremely adorable since it features Joe's oh-so-cute cats.

4. "Pretty Woman Lover"

The man may have had two husbands at the same time, but I guess that doesn't mean he can't be a pretty woman lover. As you'd imagine, this video features tons of women and even a bad** clip of Joe getting a tattoo in the middle of the video shoot.

5. "GW and Me"

One word: iMovie.

6. "This Is My Life"

Any Rick Kirkham fans out there? Well, this music video features a cameo from the stressed out producer.

7. “Do You Ever Wonder What Love Could Do?”

I'll let this music video surprise you.

8. "Bring It On (Please Unite)"

The song may be called "Please Unite" but the track and its corresponding music video is all about Joe taking on the media.

9. "Because You Love Me"

Nothing says VMA-in-the-making quite like getting paying G.W. Zoo visitors to star in your music video.

10. "Here Kitty Kitty"

The music video that started it all. Well, not really but it's the one about miss Carole Baskin and it, of course, features the infamous Carole Baskin lookalike.

Photo: Netflix

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