Mom Furious At Teacher Who Shamed Her Over Her Home Schooling

By Dave Basner

April 1, 2020

Schools across the country are closed to slow the spread of coronavirus, leaving parents to fend for themselves when it comes to their kid's education. Working moms and dads and stay-at-home parents alike are struggling to teach their children all while still doing everything they typically would do in a normal day. Some schools and teachers help by posting lessons and assignments to be completed online, but under the current circumstances, not every parent is able to get around to them.

That was the case for one mom, who didn't think too much of it until she received an email from her kid's teacher. The note, which the mom shared on parenting site Mumsnet, congratulated the ten kids who completed the assignment, giving each of their names. Then the teacher wrote, in all caps, "FOR ALL THOSE WHO DID NOT COMPLETE THIS I WILL NOT BE GOING BACK OVER THIS IN CLASS."

Upset, the mom posted, "Rude much?!! And no, their school isn’t open for key workers before anyone jumps on me and says how busy she must be."

Most people were pretty appalled calling the message "outrageous." A different teacher also commented, writing, "That's dreadful. I'm shocked that a teacher would send that message."

Others took the side of the teacher, commenting, "What would you want the teacher to say? They have a curriculum to stick to. There has to be some give and take on both sides." and, "I'm not surprised. Cut the teacher some slack. I bet they will have pressure from above to ensure students are completing the work set. If I was you I'd email the head of department or head of year explaining that you have prioritized your child's mental wellbeing this week. It might make the leadership team think."

Photo: Getty Images, Mumsnet

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