Chrissie Hynde Explains Why She Thinks She's 'Not A Nice Person'

By Andrew Magnotta @AndrewMagnotta

April 7, 2020

In a Facebook post that reads like half-journal entry, half-letter to a friend, The Pretenders' Chrissie Hynde reflected the gamut of emotions she's experienced during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Stuck in "lockdown" in her London apartment, Hynde explains the purpose for the rare blog post at the top: she's alone and looking for something constructive to do with her thoughts.

After describing her present surroundings and how she's been spending an awful lot of time looking out her windows and evaluating the people on the street below, she addresses a 12-year-old news story about her berating an "autograph hunter" on the street in Australia. It's been bugging her.

Hynde says the story was sent to her recently by a friend who thought it was funny. But as the subject of the story, the prickly singer-songwriter-frontwoman says it bugged her. It wasn't the memory of someone badgering her for a signature that nagged at her; it was the reminder of her reaction.

"My friend obviously does not know how much I agonise after events like that," she writes. "But I'm not a very nice person and I know it. So sue me. And I apologise to that guy in Australia 12 years ago who I shouted at, saying 'Haven't I done enough already!'"

While Hynde's strong will and punky attitude have long been endearing to fans, she says she regrets episodes like that one Down Under all those years ago.

"My problem is I got famous 10 years after I'd left home so I'd already formed my defensive, obnoxious street persona and I couldn't change it when fame demanded I be a nice person to strangers who were bugging me," she explained.

Maybe getting a cat or a dog would take the edge off a little bit, she wonders. But alas, she travels too much to take care of one.

The pandemic situation had her feeling physically sick a couple weeks ago. She says she had "mild symptoms" of a cold or perhaps the coronavirus, but she has since recovered without getting tested. She lamented the uncertainty surrounding The Pretenders' planned summer tour with Journey and credited the new song by Bob Dylan with lifting her out of her "moment of darkness."

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