Only People Who Have Been Inside Too Long See This Trash Can As Floating

By Dave Basner

April 10, 2020

It's been a few weeks now since most states mandated that residents stay at home to slow the spread of coronavirus, and plenty of people are feeling the effects by now. Cabin fever is running rampant as folks across the country are going a bit stir crazy. If you're somehow not sure if you've got a bad case of cabin fever, one way to tell if it's hitting you hard is with this optical illusion. The picture, which was posted on Reddit, just shows a trash can, but if you've been inside too long, the trash can sure looks like it's floating to you.

Of course, trash cans can't levitate and this one is no exception - it is firmly on the ground, right next to a puddle that causes the illusion since it looks like a shadow.

If you're having trouble un-seeing the flying bin, try covering the puddle with your hand and it'll put your brain at ease.

Photo: Reddit

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