Avril Lavigne's 'We Are Warriors' Honors Essential Workers During Pandemic

By Taylor Fields

April 24, 2020

Avril Lavigne has re-imagined one of the songs from her 2019 sixth studio album Head Above Water, and the new release is in honor of all the essential workers on the frontlines of the current coronavirus pandemic.

"We Are Warriors" is a re-recorded, new version of "Warrior" off of Head Above Water, and it's a powerful, inspiring anthem about inner strength and coming together to overcome any obstacle. Lavigne sings, "We are warriors, we’ll fight for our lives/ Like soldiers, all through the night/ And we won’t give up, we will survive/ We are warriors/ And we’re stronger, that’s why we’re alive/ We will conquer time after time/ We’ll never falter, we will survive/ We are warriors."

In a statement, Avril explained of "We Are Warriors" and the pandemic, "I felt the need to do something to honor all of the frontline workers who risk their lives every day to keep us safe. From the doctors, nurses, police, fire fighters, grocery workers, delivery services, all essential workers and the brave volunteers. I am humbled with gratitude and want to dedicate my new song 'We Are Warriors' to everyone putting their lives at risk to keep us safe. You guys are the ones that are holding the world up right now and we’re all counting on you and relying on you. You are Warriors! We all need each other more then ever right now. Now is the time to fight and to stick together. Be kind, be safe, be a Warrior and support our mission at www.CharityStars.com/Warrior."

The Avril Lavigne Foundation has partnered with Project Hope, an organization that is providing support to healthcare workers on the frontlines of coronavirus pandemic. All net proceeds from sales and streams of Avril Lavigne's "We Are Warriors," and its music video, will help Project HOpe's relief efforts around the world. Fans can make additional donations at www.CharityStars.com/Warrior."

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