Dog Owners Warned Their Pet Might Have A Serious Problem When Pandemic Ends

By Dave Basner

April 22, 2020

After over a month of staying at home to help slow the spread of coronavirus, most people are feeling a little bit stir crazy and are ready to get out of their house. Their dogs though, are absolutely thrilled to have had their owners around so much more than usual. In fact, many people used the stay-at-home mandates as a reason to add a pup to their family. However, one pet expert is warning that there could be a serious problem once residents are able to leave their house freely again.

Animal psychologist Dr. Roger Mugford, who is a consultant to Britain's Royal Family, is warning dog owners that their furry friends are at risk of severe separation anxiety once everyone starts heading back to work and school. He told the U.K.'s Times:

"With such an overload of quality time with their families, dogs are building up a huge reservoir of over-dependency which could see them suffer when mums and dads suddenly return to work and the children go back to school. The lockdown is such a massive change in routine. When it’s lifted it’s going to be a huge shock for dogs."

So how will you know if your dog is suffering from separation anxiety? Mugford said you'll see signs of distress like howling, pacing and urinating and defecating inside. Believe it or not, some dogs might even harm themselves.

There is a way to help prevent the issue from occurring though. The doctor suggests taking short breaks from your pooch so he or she gets used to you not being around. Go in a different room for 30 minutes a few times each day and you might be able to ward off the problem.

You can read more about dog separation anxiety here.

Photo: Getty Images

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