The Internet Is Dragging Tyra Banks For Her Problematic 'ANTM' Behavior

By Peyton Blakemore

May 5, 2020

Turns out, America's Next Top Model hasn't exactly aged well.

Thanks to the global pandemic, people have had the free time to re-watch the reality series, which premiered in 2003, and let's just say, it doesn't have the same charm for some. Well, more specifically Tyra Banks' presence, commentary, and even her photoshoot ideas aren't sitting well for a lot of people.

See, the Internet is not too happy with the show's creator/head judge's problematic behavior as viewers have shared a number of clips showing her alleged mistreatment of the contestants.

One particular moment that has gone viral is when Tyra pressured Cycle 6 contestant Danielle Evans to get dental surgery to have her gap closed despite Danielle's wish to keep her gap. "Do you really think you can have a Cover Girl contract with a gap in your mouth?" Tyra asked.

Unfortunately, the problematic behavior doesn't end there. In addition to being accused of policing/not sticking up for the black contestants, her photoshoot ideas are also being slammed.

In one season she asked the contestants to do a "bi-racial" photoshoot that literally put contestants in blackface. In another cringeworthy shoot, she had a contestant model in a graveyard the day after she was told her best friend had passed away. (And that's just a few of the uncomfortable moments)

While some have defended Tyra on the basis that the show was reflective of the fashion industry at the time, others do not believe that is a good enough excuse.

Keep scrolling to see more reactions to Tyra's problematic behavior below.

Photo: Getty Images

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