Praying Mantis Devours 'Murder Hornet' In Terrifying Video

By Bill Galluccio

May 8, 2020

Just when people thought 2020 couldn't get any crazier, a report from the New York Times revealed that an invasive species of hornets, known as "murder hornets," has been discovered in the United States. The hornets, which can grow up to two inches long, pack a powerful stinger that can puncture a beekeepers suit, and in rare cases, their venom can be deadly to humans.

Officials are concerned about the murder hornets' arrival in the United States because they pose a significant threat to honey bees. The hornets are known to attack a beehive, where they bite off the heads of the bees and feed their thoraxes to their young.

While authorities are working on plans to eradicate the invasive species, a new video shows our best bet may be to release an army of praying mantises. The graphic video, which was posted on Twitter, shows a praying mantis, attacking a murder hornet and quickly subduing it, before feasting on its brains.

Photo: Twitter

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