Doja Cat Addresses Racism Accusations On Instagram Live

By Peyton Blakemore

May 26, 2020

In a thirty-minute Instagram Live session on Monday (May 25), Doja Cat further addressed her alleged racist remarks.

With the hopes of squashing all racism-related allegations, Doja once-again defended herself — the day prior she addressed her alleged racist remarks with a statement on Instagram — by addressing each claim against her.

"Like any business, like any conglomerate, there would be many people trying to protect what's going on," she began. "And that's exactly what we were trying to do. So I'm just gonna, one, debunk everything. I have bullet points."

1. Her 2015 Song "Dindu Nuffin"

The "Say So" singer was called out for using the offensive term "Dindu Nuffin," which was used taunt to taunt Blacks who were victims of police brutality, after Internet users unearthed the 2015 track. Doja was additionally accused of mocking the death of Sandra Bland, a Black woman who died in police custody in 2015, on the record.

Her defense:

To anybody who I have hurt using this term when I used it, it was because I was in chat rooms all the time and I was kinda locked away and I was always on there dealing with people coming at me left and right talking about different slanderous terms after another. ... The term that I used in the song was one that I learned that day. People were calling me it left and right.
It was to kinda take back and f**king just say f**k you to those people. The song, however, I agree. Maybe the worst song in the entire world. Not good. Lyrically lost. The worst song. The lyrics in the song don't make sense. I see some of the interpretations of the lyrics. A lot of them are wrong. I can rewrite the lyrics for you guys. I don't know how important that is but if you need me to, I can. But that song is in zero ways, in no way, connected to police brutality or Sandra Bland.

2. The "4C" Hair Video & Her Alleged Self-Hate Issues

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In an old video that resurfaced, Doja said: "4C can suck my a**. 4C can bend over and lick my a**. Good luck trying to finger comb it. Good luck trying to put a wide-tooth through it the first couple of minutes. Jesus Christ. Why God was like, 'Lemme give her 4C hair just so that she can go bald.'" The 24-year-old singer was subsequently accused of self-hate.

Her defense:

I've seen tweets about me. ... It's a video, it's not even me. It's my friends helping me see through Twitter with a filter. I'm not on Twitter. That sh*t hurts my feelings. Seeing people come for me. Seeing people come for my character. Just like any of you guys, it wouldn't feel good to me so I avoid social media. My friends looked on social media and they told me what was going on. I know exactly what you guys are talking about as far as self-hate goes. I had a video of me talking about my hair. I have a lot of trouble taking care of my hair. ... A lot of my friends would agree who have hair like mine that they have a hard time taking care of it. What I think that the mistake may have been was saying it on a social platform, saying it out in public. Maybe being honest about how I feel about taking care of my hair was a bad idea.

3. The Chat Room Controversy

Doja was accused of making derogatory and racist comments while in an alleged white supremacist chat room earlier this month.

Her defense:

The chat room that I go to is a public chat room. It's me, my friends. You go in there. Now you have to pay 30 dollars to get into the chat room, which is a new thing. But I used to go in there for free and I learned there are racist people who come in and out of the chat. They're there. They happen and then they're banned. The idea that this chat room is a white supremacist chat room is, I don't understand in any way. I just don't understand.

4. The Alleged Beyoncé Slander

In another resurfaced video, Doja referred to Beyoncé as "Beyonkey."

Her defense:

"Beyoncé is the cream of the crop. Beyoncé is the reason why I believe I can be who I am. Beyoncé is one of the driving forces of who I am in my career. Beyoncé is undeniably talented, and every time anyone has ever came for Beyoncé, I was there. And that's all I have to say."

See Doja's full Instagram Live session below.

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