How Sam Hunt Tackles Household Chores

By Lauryn Snapp

May 26, 2020

Sam Hunt is coping with household chores on lockdown, and it turns out that the country star just like the rest of us. 

In a recent telephone interview with Cody Alan, the "Hard To Forget" singer shared that his honeydew list is pretty unforgettable, but there are some things he just isn't good at.  

"I have probably helped out around the house more than I have in months just in the past few days," laughs Sam, revealing that Hannah is very appreciative of his help.

"What chore are you actually good at?" asked Cody during their chat.

"Simple ones, like, take the trash from here to there. Pick things up. I'm just not good at things like the vacuum cleaner or the mop," laughs Sam before admitting that he isn't great at doing the dishes either.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.  

Sam Hunt

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