‘Black Lives Matter’ – Cody Alan’s conversation with Jimmie Allen

By Lauryn Snapp

June 5, 2020

Jimmie Allen has always been candid and authentic in his conversations with longtime friend Cody Alan. In the wake of recent events surrounding the death of George Floyd and protests across the United States, Jimmie joined Cody to speak openly about his thoughts on Black Lives Matter and share his experiences as a black country music star.

A note from Cody:

My ‘Black Lives Matter’ conversation with Jimmie Allen – My emotions have run from anger to frustration to sadness. So I wanted to have my longtime friend Jimmie Allen on to help us ALL understand why the hurt is so deep and how to make things better. After this very candid conversation, I felt so much better. I believe supporting the black community, while also supporting great police officers doing their job is a balance we can reach. There is change coming, and I feel our common humanity will unite us in love to make it happen. I don’t often get serious like this, but felt strongly this is an important moment to speak out. Please share this discussion with as many friends and family as possible. -cody

Listen to this powerful conversation now.

Photo Credit: Getty Images.

Jimmie Allen

Chat About ‘Black Lives Matter’ – Cody Alan’s conversation with Jimmie Allen

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