Brantley Gilbert Explains Differences In Raising Boys VS. Girls

By Lauryn Snapp

June 18, 2020

Brantley Gilbert may have a tough exterior, but the singer is all heart when it comes to being a dad. 

In a recent interview with Cody Alan, the father of two explained the challenges he and his wife Amber face while raising their 2-year-old son, Barrett, and toddler daughter Braylen. According to the "Bottoms Up" singer, gender does matter when it comes to raising kids.

"It is different," said Brantley. "The big difference, I can tell him 'No' without a doubt. He works angles. He will try and reason with you and work deals with you. And I don't have any problem telling him 'No.' "But, with her? I told Amber, she is going to have to be the bad guy. I am the bad guy with little man. I am not going to be able to be that way with her. I just can't."

Brantley and Amber agree that they aren't squashing all of the fun for their kids while they are quarantining on their Georgia farm. Brantley shared, "You know, we have a few hundred acres, and it felt like it was the safest place in the world."

"So, do y'all want more kids? Would it be difficult to come up with more B names?" asked Cody.

"If got blessed us with another one, it wouldn't bother me one bit. That being said, if that were something we decided to do, and planned to do, it would be years down the road. I think both of us are really happy with what we got."

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