Twenty One Pilots Explain How To Crack Their Cryptic Codes In Recap Video

By Eliot Hill

June 24, 2020

Twenty one pilots concerts may not be happening, but The Clique is anything but bored during their time at home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The band has literally been promoting their quarantine anthem, “Level of Concern,” for weeks and it keeps getting better and better for fans.

Besides giving us a live version and throwback lyric video, TØP sent fans on a wild chase to decode a special website earlier this month that still has people scratching their heads.

To break it down, Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun uploaded a cryptic 21-hour long video and directed fans to a website that asked them to solve 20 codes.

On Wednesday (June 24), the guys have revealed how the codes were cracked for anyone who is still completely lost and gave up or for any parents who were wondering what their kids were doing online for so long. 

In the video recap, TØP started from the beginning by decoding the initial cryptic social media post. Then, they weaved in hilarious audio clips of confused fans trying to break the codes and find the hidden codes in the photos and text from the downloaded USB drives. 

For anyone who played the game, it wasn't by chance that the codes got harder and harder to solve, Dun and Joseph did that on purpose as revealed in the recap video.

On Monday (June 22), TØP announced they were impressed with how quickly the Clique came together to solve all of the codes in less than a day when they expected it to take at least a week. The final code revealed a new site where fans could upload their own footage singing along to “Level of Concern” which would be part of the first-ever never-ending music video.

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