DeMaio Report: Studies Confirm Schools Safe for Kids


July 17, 2020

Governor Newsom’s order to close California schools seems driven by politics, not science

Governor Gavin Newsom has caved into demands from the California Teachers union and ordered a closure to schools. While Newsom and the unions claim the school closures are based on “science” they provide no substantiation or evidence to support their position.

In fact, the science demonstrates that reopening schools is actually quite safe.

The DeMaio Report recently highlighted six separate recent research studies by scientists and medical experts that show that the argument of kids spreading the virus too easily to keep schools closed is not valid. 

“The numbers don’t lie and the science is clear: schools can safely reopen,” noted Carl DeMaio. “Unfortunately Governor Gavin Newsom is bowing to the pressure of the teacher’s union and closing the schools,” DeMaio concluded.

In fact, a new study by two doctors in Vermont found that children hardly ever transmit Covid-19 to each other or adults and that many schools can and should reopen, as long as they follow appropriate social distancing guidelines and keep an eye on transmission rates in their communities.

The largest study conducted in Germany on school children and teachers included testing in schools where there were coronavirus outbreaks. Of the almost 2,000 samples, only 12 tested positive for Covid 19 according to study author Reinhard Berner from the University Hospital of Dresden. Berner added the first results gave no evidence that school children play a role in spreading the virus particularly quickly.

"Children may even act as a brake on infection," Berner said.

“Parents ought to be outraged by the decision to close the schools,” concluded Lou Penrose.

Listen to the segment yourself - as Carl DeMaio and Lou Penrose go through the studies to highlight the lack of science to support sending kids back to school and that it's not inherently risky.

Read more about the studies here:

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