Kip Moore Reveals Relationship Deal Breakers

By Lauryn Snapp

August 10, 2020

Kip Moore is one of country music's most eye-catching bachelors. 

During a recent interview with CMT Radio's Cody Alan, Kip revealed what every woman wants to know-his relationship deal breakers.

"First off, I don't really have a "type," says Kip. "I like all colors and sizes and shapes of the rainbow, but the one thing I can't deal with is vanity. I gotta have a really pure and good heart. I can't deal with a self-indulgent kind of human. We rub really bad, and I am quick to call it and say it out in the open."

"I think that when you live and experience and have a real-life, you become more engaged with someone who is also real and good and wholesome," says Cody. "That's the purity you're talking about - humility. I think it is missing from the world right now. Maybe we are getting a nice reset with this whole quarantine thing?"

"You just said it, Cody", replied Kip. "It's humility."

"I need to have true humility. Like, true humility, not the put-on kind of humility," shared Kip. "I want to believe that we are going to come out of this a little better. We will see."


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Kip Moore

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