Detroit Chief Of Police: 'I'm Not Leaving The Job'

By Kelton Brooks

September 15, 2020

The Detroit Police Department has been under fire recently amid a federal lawsuit from the protest group Detroit Will Breathe, alleging Detroit police used "unnecessary, unreasonable and excessive force" and violated members' constitutional rights.

Despite the onslaught of accusations, lawsuits, and the job of Detroit Chief of Police, James Craig, he said he is here to stay for the long haul.

"I’ve taken a firm stand here in Detroit,” Craig said. “I’ve been supported by Detroiters. But let me just say, Detroiters want them gone. And so I’m not leaving. They have to leave. And I’ve said it publicly, both locally and nationally, and I’m going to hold my ground. Because our men and women who serve deserve much better than this."

On September 4, a federal judge also granted a temporary restraining order that bars city officers from using several tactics and equipment on peaceful protesters for 14 days. City officials are seeking to change the temporary order.

The order lists the following:

  • Using striking weapons (including, but not limited to, batons and shields), chemical agents (including, but not limited to, tear gas and pepper spray), or rubber bullets against any individual peacefully engaging in protest or demonstrations who does not pose a physical threat to the safety of the public or police;
  • Deploying chemical agents or a sound cannon against persons peacefully engaging in protest or demonstrations without an audible warning and a reasonable amount of time to disperse;
  • Placing in a chokehold or ramming with a vehicle any individual attending a demonstration;
  • Tightening the zip ties or handcuffs placed on any individual to the point that the restraints cause physical injury, including loss of circulation or change in color;
  • Arresting any demonstrators en masse without probable cause.

The lawsuits stem from protests of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, who were shot and killed by police officers.

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