Ozzy Osbourne Announces 'Blizzard of Ozz' Expanded Edition Album, Live DVDs

By Katrina Nattress

September 17, 2020

Ozzy Osbourne's debut solo album Blizzard of Ozz turns 40 (!!) on September 20, and to celebrate the Prince of Darkness is releasing an expanded edition of the record on digital platforms, along with two live DVDs.

The reissue will include the original album and previously released bonus tracks (1980 B-side “You Looking at Me, Looking at You”, 2010 “Goodbye to Romance” guitar/vocal mix, and Randy Rhoads instrumental outtake “RR”), as well as seven live tracks from the Blizzard of Ozz tour that were previously unavailable digitally (six of which come from the 2012 Record Store Day Ozzy Live release, and one from the Mr. Crowley EP).

In addition to the Blizzard of Ozz reissue, Ozzy is also releasing two live DVDs: Live & Loud (filmed in 1991 and 1992) and Live at Budokan (filmed in 2002).

The Blizzard of Ozz Expanded Edition and live DVDs come out September 18. See the complete track listing for each release below.

Blizzard of Ozz Expanded Edition Track List

1. "I Don't Know"

02. "Crazy Train"

03. "Goodbye to Romance"

04. "Dee"

05. "Suicide Solution"

06. "Mr. Crowley"

07. "No Bone Movies"

08. "Revelation (Mother Earth)"

09. "Steal Away (The Night)"

10. "You Looking at Me, Looking at You" (current bonus track - originally the b-side to "Crazy Train")

11. "Goodbye to Romance" [2010 guitar & vocal mix] (current bonus track)

12. "RR" [Outtake fromBlizzard Of OzzSessions] (current bonus track)

New Bonus Tracks (previously unavailable digitally):

13. "I Don't Know" - fromOzzy Live

14. "Crazy Train" - from Ozzy Live

15. "Mr. Crowley" - from Ozzy Live

16. "Revelation (Mother Earth)" - from Ozzy Live

17. "Steal Away (The Night)" - from Ozzy Live

18. "Suicide Solution" - from Ozzy Live

19. "You Said It All" (live) - fromMr. CrowleyEP

Live & Loud DVD Track List

01. "I Don't Want To Change The World"

02. "Desire"

03. "Mr. Crowley"

04. "I Don't Know"

05. "Road To Nowhere"

06. "Flying High Again"

07. "Paranoid"

08. "Suicide Solution"

09. "Goodbye To Romance"

10. "Shot In The Dark"

11. "No More Tears"

12. "Miracle Man"

13. "War Pigs"

14. "Bark At The Moon"

15. "Mama, I'm Coming Home"

16. "Crazy Train"

17. "Black Sabbath"

18. "Changes"

Live at Budokan DVD Track List

01. "I Don't Know"

02. "That I Never Had"

03. "Believer"

04. "Junkie"

05. "Mr. Crowley"

06. "Gets Me Through"

07. "Suicide Solution" (Osbourne, Rhoads, Daisley)

08. "No More Tears"

09. "I Don't Want to Change the World"

10. "Road to Nowhere"

11. "Crazy Train"

12. "Mama, I'm Coming Home"


13. "Bark at the Moon"

14. "Paranoid"

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Ozzy Osbourne

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