Thom Filicia Recalls J.Lo's Reaction to A Christmas Tree Falling On Her

By Taylor Fields

October 8, 2020

The holidays are around the corner, and many people have fond memories from the most wonderful time of the year — one of Thom Filicia's includes Jennifer Lopez and a Christmas tree that accidentally fell on the star.

The interior designer and former Queer Eye star was the latest guest on the "Behind The Velvet Rope" podcast with David Yontef, and he recalled being at J.Lo's house to decorate for Christmas one year. Thom remembered ordering a Christmas tree from a friend of his in New York City, recalling, "It must've been like a 15 foot tree and the tree was put up, and the lights were being put on it. And you know, those trees, when they they're in water and the base is in water ... and so the base gets kind of moist, you know, and like kind of squishy. And you're supposed to chop that piece off and maybe a few of the lower branches so that, that piece of the part of the trunk that goes into the stand is really solid. I don't think they did that properly. They didn't cut off enough or maybe any at all."

With the bottom of the tree's trunk getting soggy, you can guess what happened next. Filicia explained, "So now the tree's there it's in place, we're putting the lights on and I'm like saying, 'yeah, lights look good or whatever.' And then Jennifer was coming downstairs and she was working on some new music at the time, and she was like, 'come in the library and listen to the music' and 'what do you think of it?' And I actually was like, 'wow, this is great.' And you know, it was real. So I say, come see what you think. I want you to see the lights for the tree. And she goes into the, which was like the sun room of the house. And, she walks up and she's looking at it, she was like, 'Oh my God, it looks so perfect. I love it.' And literally she's standing there and she's like in this like Juicy Couture, like sweat suit kind of shorts and whatever kind of thing that was very popular at the time. And it was super cute. And all of a sudden I'm like, something's happening and I can't figure it out. What's going on? And you realize, I think the tree's collapsing and it's heading for Jennifer."

With the tree landing on Jennifer, Thom described the situation as "it was happening in slow motion."

As you can imagine, J.Lo being the definition of grace, Thom recalled the star's reaction. "She just kind of started laughing and running backwards and like gave me the tree. And then the whole tree collapsed onto the ground. And she just stood there and I thought this could go North or South. Like, what is this going to be like? And she just started laughing and thought it was hilarious. And I did too. And nothing really got damaged cause there's nothing in the room at that time, really, at that moment. And there was no ornaments on the tree or anything, but it was very funny."

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