Michelle Williams Shares A Message for 2020 Voters: 'Let's Show Up'

By Taylor Fields

October 12, 2020

As Election Day is less than a month away, celebrities are doing everything they can to help encourage all eligible voters across the country to use their voice and vote on November 3rd, including Michelle Williams.

Williams was recently a guest on iHeartRadio's "Why I'm Voting" podcast, and during the episode, she shared her first memories of voting as she watched her mother and grandparents head to the polls. But, now, as she exercises her own right to vote, she's sharing an important message for everyone to make sure that they use their voice. She said:

"Let's show up. I'm admiring those who are fearless, who are on the front lines, who are protesting. Those on the frontline, let's make our voices be heard at the polling places as well. Or if you feel like you can't get out physically protesting and making your voice [be] heard, please, I'm telling you, go vote."

Michelle later added for anyone his feeling discouraged, "I want to speak to those that are discouraged. Feeling like no one wants to listen to what I have to say, or I'm just going to stay home because they don't care about Black people. I'm not going to vote. They don't care about me. People feeling like you're overlooked cause you're in a low income area. When you look on the news and you see everything going on every day, I get it, it does seem discouraging. But, I do feel like what we don't do now, we will feel it five or ten years from now. You know? So while we sit at home and say, we don't vote, they know what population in which part of town who's not voting. There are certain people who are up for election [and] they won't even go on certain sides of town because they say these folks in this side of town, they don't vote anyway. So we're not going to waste our sweat to even go on that side of town because they don't vote anyway. So, your side of town probably won't get things that you need."

"Why I'm Voting" features some the biggest stars, cultural influencers and athletes, sharing what matters to them most as the upcoming election approaches, and why it’s so important to show up to the ballot box. The podcast will run weekly through Election Day in November, and listeners will have the chance to talk about why they are voting, and can record and submit their own 20 second or less audio or video message at iHeartRadio.com/vote.

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Michelle Williams
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